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Are you tired of regularly losing money on your trades and flying on empty ? Have you tried and failed with another Forex Signals service before?

Are you a complete beginner and not sure how or where to start trading ? Then join me and my forex signals service for a flying start !

Are you now losing trades because of ”Murphy’s Law” – the market price goes in the wrong direction to your trade ?   Problem solved – I could not care less in which direction the market price goes with most of my trades.   Plus I offer a number of quality trading signals each day, all for one very low monthly price.

Each trading day, Monday to Friday, the up to 6 types of trading signals are sent by email, commencing at 0900 Local UK time Summer & Winter.

1) A day trading TREND type of currency pair signal, currently with a 92% success rate. Yes, you read correctly 92% – since October 2007 upon inception of the website !  Beat that !!  These signals normally last for up to 6 hours, but can somtimes extend to 9 hours, and consist of a Buy or Sell; an Entry point; a Target point; and a maximum 20 pip Stop Loss point.    Normally there are 30 possible trades each trading week, and very seldom is there more than 1 losing trade each week - and then not necessarily the full 20 pip loss.   The Trend trades are my very own strategy - which cannot be found anywhere on the internet or elsewhere.   You will be required to be at your computer on the hour every hour, or, have access by using a Smartphone.   However, the majority of the trading is completed during the morning.     The Trend trades are sent out between 0840 & 0850 local time UK.

2) LONDON MARKET OPENING trades – intra-day trades usually between 2 - 6 trades sent out (chosen from 30 pairs) by about 0915 local time UK on a "set & forget" basis.  These trades usually have a duration of about 2/4 hours each day from the trade set-up, with an entry point, stop, and target given.   A very special strategy is used for these trades, and since conception July 2012 there have been to date (Oct 2016) over 2951 winning trades and just 690 losing trades.

3) US & UK STOCK Trade  signals being Buy signals and which have a duration period of several days to a week on average.   A trade entry Pending Order signal is sent with Stop, together with a Take Profit Limit Order.    These trades are also "set & forget".     Any trades which arise are sent out mid morning for entry after the US exchange opening bell.

4) TERM  TRADES  which are "set & forget" mainly Forex trading pairs, but in addition there are also Commodity & Indices trades from time to time as and when they arise.   All having a duration usually of a few days to a couple of weeks.   A trade Entry point and a Stop loss signal are sent out, but no Target is given as the trade is let run until a retracement sets in, at which time an exit signal to close a trade will be sent out in an early morning signal email .    Any trades arising are sent out by mid morning.

5)  SWING TRADES  which cover forex, indices, and commodities are sent out usually during the mornings, as and when they arise.   The trades have an entry point, stop, and  up to 3 target levels.   They can either be followed if able to be at the computer, or, they can be set up as a "set & forget" type of trade for the day.

6)  HOLY GRAIL trade - last but certainly not least  -  Traded Options.     This is a very specialised trading strategy with a monthly expiry, so named because it has not had a single losing trade since its inception a few years ago.   It is a trading strategy similar to that often used by banks and corporations.    Each trade profits whether the market goes up, down, or sideways.   From May 2015 to Aug 2016 there have been  14 trades producing £2653.66 points profit on a virtual "set & forget" type of trade.     No losing trades at all.    Very recently Introduced, in addition, WEEKLY TRADED OPTIONS.   These trades have a duration of only 2.5 days to provide a weekly income around £90 - £100.

My trading signal service is designed for those members who just have the basic knowledge to open & close a trade, which is very simple to learn for someone who has no trading knowledge at all.      

All possible information to enable you to start trading using my signal service, virtually straight away, is contained in your Welcome email when you join.     You can initially "paper trade" for free using a demonstration type trading platform, which is identical to a real money trading platform, but you cannot win or lose any real money.

Support and advice is available virtually immediately by reply email if I am at the computer, or within 6 hours.

There is a mandatory free trial period of  7 days to give you time to assess the service suitable for your requirements.

So join my Forex Signals Service now through the Paypal link on the top toolbar for one very low monthly cost of £30.    There are several longer term subscriptions available to choose from which give a  reduced monthly cost down to the equivalent monthly cost of £25.

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